Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I sent a letter requesting a current pen pal list almost two months ago.  Why haven't you sent one yet?
A: Because you didn't include a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope with your request.  I set those aside until I get lots of free time to address envelopes in addition to answering the letter.  When I open the mail, I "work" the letters in the following order:
  1)  Removal requests
  2)  Paid ad requests
  3)  Items marked "Return to sender".  If it's something I did, I correct the error and re-send the item(s).
  4)  Requests for information - if a SASE is included (such as pen pal lists, photo duplication information, blank ad forms, etc.)
  5)  Renewals/updates (including address changes)
  6)  Requests for photo services
  7)  Requests for information that do not include the SASE (I'm running about 15 years behind in answering these requests)


Q: How current are the inmates' addresses?
A: They are as current as the date the ad was submitted or last updated.


Q: Can I submit ads for my inmate friends?
A: No, you can not.   Because the site "closed" to new ads in January of 2014.


Q: Do you host ads for male inmates?
A: No, sorry.  I have a backlog of female ads and the backlog grows daily, so I don't have enough time to offer ads to males considering there are more males incarcerated than females.  A few guy submitted ads and they're here, but new ads are not posted.


Q: How does the list of pen pals work?
A: It is a one page list of names and addresses of people like yourself who wish to have the inmates write to them first.  It's in mailing label format consisting of 13 rows and 3 columns with each label containing 4 lines.  The first three lines are name, street, city/state/zip.  The fourth line can contain a short description that can be abbreviated to fit, such as age, race, marital status, height, weight, etc.  And example might be "SWM, 30, 5'11"/180/Brn/Blue".   I also include a "Date added" to each label.  As a new row of names are added, the oldest row of names rolls off.  Currently a name will stay on the list approximately three months before rolling off.

I send the list when I receive a request from an inmate or when I return her photo after placing her ad.  In the three months, or so, that a name is on the list it will probably be sent several hundred times.  Once it's in the hands of the inmates it may float around inside the prison for several months or maybe even years, so even though your name is no longer on the current list you may continue to receive mail for quite some time.


Q: How do I know if these women are truthful when asking for money?
A: You'll have to decide that for yourself.  According to an article in the Laredo (Texas) Morning Times, scams are very profitable for inmates.  Unless you can truly afford it, don't send any money for any reason and definitely don't expect anything, ANYTHING, in return on your investment.  If you can't afford to throw money away, don't send it to a felon.  And if you believe anything she tells you, don't complain when it turns out to be a complete fabrication said only with the intent of receiving your money.


Q: What is your mailing address so I can pass it on to an inmate who wants her ad removed?
A: Gabby's Lounge BBS
P.O. Box 233
Harrisonville, MO 64701-0233


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