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Looking For Friendship

Hello from Ohio!  I am Megan.  I have been incarcerated 4 years out of a 28-life sentence.  Looking for men or women to help me keep hope alive.

I enjoy music, painting, reading, drawing and writing new people.  I am originally from Florida and love the ocean and the beaches.

Prison is  a lonely place.  Will you be the one to fill my dreams and make my heart whole again?

You can write me or email me through JPay.  (Please, if you use JPay, be sure to include your contact information because all JPay gives me is the text of your message, nothing more.)

Megan Harper

Race: White Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Date of Birth: 08/11/1989 Age: 23
Projected Release Date: 2036 Marital Status: Single
Height: 5' 7" Weight (pounds): 160
Measurements: 34 I wish to correspond with: Both Men and Women
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Hazel
Children: None Religion:
Education: Some college
Reason for incarceration: Complicity to aggravated. robbery, burglary & murder
Willing to relocate? Yes Home City & State: Pensacola, Florida

Posted: 05/14/2013  -   Expires: 2036  -  Ad Code:  F13-102

Write to me at:
Megan Harper #W73289
1479 Collins Ave.
Marysville, OH 43040-8808