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State or Area:  Idaho

Make Me Laugh & Win My ...

Hi, I'm Amanda.  I'm 27 yrs. old, currently incarcerated & living the American dream...everything for free - from medical care to underwear.  I'm learning lots of valuable tools, such as making hooch & masturbating without waking my bunky.  I'm a narcisssist, an arsonist & a sadist.  I laugh at the expense of others and often harp on their insecurities.  My best friend & I can do anything or nothing together & have the best time.  I am my own best friend.  In my free time I enjoy making my bunky's life hell by throwing newspaper confetti on her in the shower, making her an awesome paper miche pinata.  I force feed her a butterscotch button & beat her till she spits it out.  Rinse & repeat.  I enjoy inspirational books like 'Helter Skelter' by Charles Manson."  "If I Did Do It" by O.J. Simpson.  And "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" by Tucker Mox.

I look forward to receiving letters & meeting people that have a great sense of humor.

Amanda Chrzanowski

Race: White Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Date of Birth: 08/09/1986 Age: 29
Projected Release Date: 10/29/2017 Marital Status: Single
Height: 5' 10" Weight (pounds): 160
Measurements: 36DD-32-38 I wish to correspond with: Both Men and Women
Hair Color: Light brown Eye Color: Hazel
Children: 2 boys Religion: Non-denominational
Education: G.E.D., some college for Mechanical Engineering
Occupation/Career: Waitressing
Reason for incarceration: Drug addiction to Heroin & Opiates
Willing to relocate? Yes Home City & State: Willingboro, New Jersey

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Write to me at:
Amanda Chrzanowski #76802
1451 Fore Road
Pocatello, ID 83204-4300